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Russ Williams 

Russ Williams was born in North Philadelphia, PA into an extended family of musicians and vocalists. Unable to carry a tune, he explored other forms of artistic expression and discovered his unique ability to draw in elementary school. He attended art classes at Fleisher Art Memorial in South Philadelphia, and later graduated from Overbrook High School as a distinguished art major. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Philadelphia College of Art , he began his career working as a freelance illustrator. In order to establish a consistent income, he joined the staff of a small art department. Determined to seize every creative opportunity, he completed several freelance illustration and graphic design projects for small publications. When the commercial art industry transitioned from pencils to pixels, he studied graphic design at Moore College of Art.

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Russ encountered many obstacles trying to establish a successful art career. He was forced to pursue other employment opportunities. For 15 years his creativity was put on hold and his canvases remained blank, yet he continued to draw and paint in his head.

In 2001, Johnson & Johnson held the company’s first employee Juried Art Exhibition. Russ had the opportunity to participate and was then he rediscovered his passion for fine art. He was awarded Best in Show for his work titled “ Reflection” which was purchased by the corporation. From that moment , he continued painting and exhibiting in various juried art venues and museums.

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Russ’s work is heavily influenced by the detail and realism of Flemish Primitive and Early Netherlandish paintings. He transitioned from acrylic to oils striving to convey an experiential understanding of mood, medium, and subject which compels the viewer to linger in the moment.